Posted by: oceanblue46101317 | September 14, 2009

Winter ball

Deer stoodents of Ocean Blue,

The annool winnther boll is here! All stodents are to bee dressed in the moast fourmal and neet attyre. I weel bee there myself to ensure tat everryone everyone is popelly dressed. Aso Also, all members of the cleening club, I expact yoo guys to be abal too dres nicellee aftter the two yeers of dresing leesons I gave yoou.

The pricipal pricepal prinerpel expacts all stoodents stuudents studdents stodents too bee pressent in the schol hol by 6.32pm  shap shape shop sharp next frydae. The boll weel last four 5 and a haf owl until 12.02am where the clossing closet cosing clossing seramoney weel take place.

I anttisipaid tis boll.

Mr Postman

*tis ledder may containn soome simmerlerity too the letter last yeer. Tis is beecos I needded refferencce.

*sore about the cancallations.

*all immportten facts are in bold or itallics.


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